Planning & Studies Department

Planning & Studies Department

Name: Mohammed Adam Ibrahim Mustafa

General Administration for Planning and Studies

General objective of the General Directorate of Planning and Studies:

Setting up the strategic plans of the internal audit and financial audit activities.

Duties of the General Directorate for Planning and Studies:

1- Supervision of the annual work plan of the Audit Bureau.

2- Follow up the performance of the approved plan

3. To supply the annual report of the performance and achievements of the Internal Audit Bureau.

4. Organization of information and data analysis activities of the Internal Audit Bureau.

5 - identify studies and research related to the activities of the internal audit.

6. Follow up the development of the concept and powers and procedures of internal audit work with the level of the year

7. Take measures to ensure participation in the periodicals and organizations concerned with internal audit.

8 - Supervision of the institution and review and update evidence and work guides.

9 - work on the development of data systems management in the public administration.

10 - Participation in plans and programs for the development of business computing systems in the General Administration.

11. Supervising the establishment and management of a dedicated library.